Thursday, January 6

Oh and...

I also have rosacea. I thought so. I'm more red and splotchy than usual lately. My mutant skin has turned into perma-drunk skin.

Speaking of drinking, I believe I am allergic to yeast. I've noticed for a couple of months now I can't drink the high alcohol content beers I love. I started New Year's Eve off with a Dogfish Head and I couldn't even finish it. The Donkey Down was my last craft beer day.

The only beer I've been able to handle is Guinness, which is totally fine by me. I've always been a Guinness girl. I checked online and it looks like there isn't much yeast in it since it's a low ABV beer. Phew! While I just wrote I need to live a healthier lifestyle, I am not quite ready to become an O'Doul's girl yet.

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