Monday, January 10

Slow Your Roll!

I woke up this morning and thought, "I'M NOT SICK! WOO HOO!" I felt like my normally abnormal self.

Today was a good day. I was pretty busy at work trying to catch up from the two days I was out, plus writing up all of my process documentation. Of course my bosses haven't given any thought to an exit plan. This means that everything I do today will basically not be done tomorrow. I love contributing to nothing.

I made it the whole day with only some minor fatigue, but other than that I felt fine. Now I'm home having a bit of a panic attack, probably because I've been too sick to freak out over all the change coming my way. Actually I think that's why I was able to make it through the worst of my flu/bug/virus whatever last week. The excitement and adrenaline of making my decision, giving my notice, and meeting The Gentleman kept me on autopilot until my body said, "You're sick, asshole." and knocked me out.

My heart is racing and I feel a poo coming. Maybe I should exercise instead of type.

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