Sunday, January 9

Afternoon Update

Coffee was dumb. My stomach is fine, but now I'm caffeineurotic. I need to leave my apartment before I gnaw on it.

Sushi date with The Gentleman is Tuesday. Yay!

I just read my offer letter again. It is lovely. Somehow I managed to overlook that my new title is Financial Systems Consultant. FANCY!

I am saddened by the Giants fucking blowing it this year, but I am psyched the Jets are in the playoffs!! It's nice to have two teams to cheer for, except when they both lose. I considered resurrecting the Boobie Bowl this year, but I think those days are over. The bad thing about always starting new jobs in the first quarter of the year is that I can't take off the day after the superbowl. Ah shit. Or St. Patty's Day. Damn. If I ever start my own company, those days are paid holidays FO' SURE.

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