Thursday, January 20

Thinking makes me tired.

I'm beat! It's just after 9pm and I'm ready to turn in for the night. Thinking makes me tired.

So do boys. I met up with my college friends Blancs and Satan for drinks last night. It was so great to see them! I was good and only had two beers. FMI*: a couple sips of Ommegang Three Philosophers made my head hurt. I couldn't even finish it. Must find the cause of my allergic reaction!

We met at a bar near MD's office, so he came out too. It was the first time we hung out in the city and the first time I saw him in a suit (he's in finance). HOT. Totally hot and he was really charming and comfortable in what could have been an uncomfortable situation (it's usually hard to keep up with a group of old friends). He also paid for me, which I was not expecting at all. I am really happy he joined us.

We took a cab back to the hood and to go to Crazy Ass. He wanted to change first, so yada yada, we made out. I could kiss him for years.

Tonight I had dinner with The Gentleman who's been out of town since Saturday. It was nice to see him. Weirdly enough, the two of them sort of look alike. Not at first glance, but they have the same shaped head and smile. I guess I do have a type other than a spotted ginger.

The Gentleman is busy this weekend, which works out well since I'll probably watch football with MD on Sunday. GM and I have tentative plans for next Tuesday, but I might be at a client's office in Philly next week. (I will write about work tomorrow. Quick version: GAHYAYWOWHOLYCRAPI'MACONSULTANT.)

I decided I'm going to date both of them for a while. I also decided I am not going to have sex with them anymore. After years of whoring I have one rule: only sleep with one guy between periods so that I don't end up on Maury. Truthfully I'd rather be with MD of course, but since I already hooked up with GM this month I can't be with MD until February. I know it sounds dumb, but a rule's a rule. In a couple of weeks I'll reevaluate to see which one I really want to be with.

The other reason I don't want to hook up with both of them is because of a new development - sex feels intimate and special to me again for the first time since PJ.

For the past decade all I've experienced were one night stands and friends with benefits, not someone I consistently slept with for months. Tat came close and while we had intimacy, we didn't have sex that often for a huge reason. Being with MD and only MD since September renewed this feeling again. I know this is probably why I'm falling in love with him...

Patti Stanger seems to have it right. Sex can complicate things and at this point, I have enough to get sorted without it. I want to be with MD, but he's not available. I like The Gentleman, but I'm not sure if I'm truly available because of my feelings for MD. Plus, I have enough on my mind with money and my job.

Right now I want things to be simple, light-hearted, and fun. There was a point in my life where this would include sex, but that's all changed now. I'm glad.

*FMI: For my information, when I reread this one day.

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