Wednesday, January 5

Courted! Me!

I still haven't picked out a nickname yet! Unfortunately he has the same first name as Tennis (which is not Tennis), so I've been shortening it to D. I don't like it though! Bah!

HE is so sweet. I have never been courted like this before. Not only did we talk for about an hour on Monday, but we also hung out at the bar with some friends last night and he took me out to dinner tonight. Dinner lasted four hours, even though we finished eating probably around hour two. I had no idea that much time passed.

Cutest thing ever, he texted me saying "I'll meet you there at 7pm." I assumed this meant the restaurant, but no, he actually came to my apartment to pick me up on the way. I was already at the restaurant though, so it was an adorable miscommunication. When he got there a few minutes later the conversation flowed, eyes twinkled, and I made him laugh a couple times (I love making well, anyone laugh but especially a new fella). He paid, walked me home, and the night ending with a nice, polite PG kiss. He's easily the most gentlemanly guy I have dated since Tat.

Eureka! Nickname = The Gentleman.

The Gentleman and I will probably hang out again on Friday, too. In a word, you know what this is? EASY! It's so friggin easy! I like him, he likes me, and we hang out. The end.

Jesus Christ every guy I dated last year was difficult. Me, them, the situation. It sucked!

The Gentleman is seriously blowing MD out of the water. He's shown more effort in the four days I've known him than MD did in the four months we did whatever the fuck it was we were doing. Oh. Right. Drinking, watching football, and having sex. Really good sex, but shit. I can have really good sex by myself, too.

The truth is MD didn't like me the way I want to be like. The Gentleman does. And it feels really, really good!

Funny thing, so Fanboy and I have stayed in touch through Facebook. He asked if he could call me yesterday to get my take on some dating experiences he's had since our date. I said, sure why not. Good dating charity is good dating karma. WELL, Fanboy starts off by thanking me for calling him to say I'm not interested. He said it sucked at the time, but he really appreciated my honesty and consideration. That made me feel good. Then he went on to tell me about the girl he's been seeing. Phrases like "she just got out of a relationship", "she didn't call me back for days", and "there are so many mixed signals" came out of the phone like word balloons. That made me feel bad. He was describing my relationship with MD and you know what, it sounded pathetic. PATHETIC! If I ever, ever kill myself over someone who isn't interested again please punch me in the facenuts!!

Anyways I'm enjoying The Gentleman's company. I don't know what's going to happen, but all I do know is he's cute, kind, communicative, and interested. I'm sold.


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