Sunday, January 9

Bed-Hopping Floosie

I've been in my apartment for almost 72 hours straight, jumping from my sofa-bed to watch television during the day to my bed-bed for sleeping at night. I am bored. I'm never bored and I am really friggin bored.

Bored looks funny the more you stare at it: bored bored bored bored bored bored bored. Am I spelling it right?

I feel much better now, although my stomach is still gurgling a lot. Stupid fucking flu or whatever it is. Maybe it's hunger gurgles. I haven't really been eating. I totally lost weight this week. Yay me!

I'm about to go for a walk and get some coffee. I hope the coffee doesn't hurt. Maybe it will be the extra push to get this shit out. Literally. Heh.

Today's the first day I didn't wake up all red in quite a while. Maybe the rash is related to being sick? This better be the last time I'm sick all fucking year. I'll kill a bitch if it isn't!!

Ugh. I got nothing new to say. I watched Kick-Ass again and Hit Girl is still one of my favorite characters of all time. I also watched The Wedding Planner and it is still one of the shittiest movies of all time. A few years ago I was waiting for friends at McSorley's (I can't remember who) and I chatted up the guy next to me. His name was Matt. Really cute and gruffy, but too petite for me. Anyways, he and his friend ended up joining my group at a table. Later on I said to him, "You know, you really do look like Matthew McConaughey." He and his friend laughed so hard that it still makes me wonder if it actually was him. Whoops! I believe this was pre-bongo and shirt always off M.M., so sue me.

Speaking of Matts, MD texted me with the usual Friday "What r u doing tonight?" at a time early enough to not be considered a standard booty call, but late enough to remind me he doesn't want a relationship. Blerg.

The Gentleman emailed and texted me a couple of times to see how I was feeling. So sweet! We said we'd go out for sushi once I feel better and I'm thinking I can rally to do that tonight. The restaurant is right down the block from Delilah, so I should be able to handle it. Might need to avoid the wasabi though. Ha! I typed "wasabbit" on accident first.

I can't believe this is my last week at Minnow! Tennis asked that I document all of my processes before I leave. I pretty much have everything documented already. What can I say? I love to write even when it's nerdy stuff. I hope I feel well enough this week to enjoy my friends' company, get everything I want to get done, and have fun at my going away party on Thursday. Oh yeah, if anyone wants to come and meet these fools, shoot me and email!

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