Thursday, January 17

First Blood

I've watched the first Rambo movie twice in two days. Technically I wasn't really watching it yesterday (I was distracted by The Mighty Cale), but today my eyes were glued to the television.

There was only one thing wrong with this movie. Know what it is?


I thought you people were my friends!! How could you let me go 30 years without seeing John Rambo take out Jerkwater, USA???

You would think with the amount of Spike, TNT, FX, and HBO I've watched in my life I'd have seen this gem of a movie. Nope. Never.

I can't decide which part is my favorite. "Green berets are bad ass" line is great. When Rambo tells Brian Dennehy to "Let it go." was fucking nuts. Oh and I cracked up when he said to some army driver, "Don't look at me, look at the road! That's how accidents happen."

I think the top spot is between two moments at the end. One, when he's shooting up a building, his left hand slowly feeding more ammo into the M60 machine gun. His face is completely devoid of emotion, his eyes so intent it's as if he knew exactly where each bullet fired. And two, when we see The Outpost gun shop and know he's going to fucking tear that shit up.

Man, I don't know which is better. It's a tough call. Might actually be the hardest decision I've made all day...

Oh who am I kidding? It's the hardest decision I've made all year. Unemployment can do that to a person.

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