Thursday, January 3

Perk = Work

There are some words that make me extremely happy. Top five:

1. blue
2. Spongebob
3. Christmas
4. birthday
5. love

There are also a bunch that make me cringe. Top five most despicable words:

1. guesstimate
2. extrapolate
3. tit, tits, or titties (love boobs, hate tits)
4. diet
5. and the

The word "work" leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Drinking grapefruit juice didn't help, so I'm just not going to use it anymore.

"Work" will be replaced with "perk" from now on.


Anonymous said...

Blurple didn't make the top 5? I'm shocked. xoxo Spags

ctina said...

since you're already going to SVA, why not see if SVA has a maclab you can use?

the mac is pricey, and unless you can steal them from somebody, the programs are pricey, and so are the books you need to figure out how to use the programs.

- a fellow mac putzer

Girl said...

Books?! Learn by doing! :)

Anyway, word I like: defenestrate
word I hate: pussy ew.
also non-words, like nucular, supposebly...etc.

Also, everyone should have a mac...although, if everyone had one it would probably ruin some of its greatness...but seriously, they rock. And one can ALWAYS find people to get Adobe for free from! :-P

I'll help you with photoshop/illustrater/indesign! I'm not super-duper-fluent, but I know a good deal! :)