Thursday, January 17

Please give me a hug.

I'm an idiot. I seriously thought my SVA course was on Mondays.

It's not. It's on Tuesdays. Same as the writing course.


I can't believe I screwed up the days. I feel like a silly little freshman who never selected their own classes. And then I froze up because I didn't know what to do about it! "Uh, uh, uh...I guess I'll stop going to the writing class..."


I really like the class! Andy's a fun teacher, I'm digging my story, AND I came up with a whole new story last night. I also have two weekend Photoshop courses coming up, so I decided to drop the color theory course for now. I reluctantly signed up for a different class on Thursdays:

Cartooning Basics
This course will explore the essential mechanics of cartooning, focusing on the art of composition, the nuance of effective page design in black-and-white, and the importance of concise storytelling. This kind of traditional training is beneficial for anyone interested in comics, animation or advertising.

I wrote "reluctantly" because I am scared out of my mind to take this class. So scared. Like ridiculously scared. I'm not sure why...but if I'm this scared I feel like I should take it and see what happens. Oy.

If you see me before next Thursday, please give me a hug. I need it.

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Girl said...

That sounds like Klaus class!!! Who's the teacher??