Wednesday, January 2

Random Diary Entries: November 12-14, 1985

I don't recall too many things from my childhood, but I remember this night pretty well. We were living on 68th Street in Bay Ridge back then. Apparently there was a gas explosion or something underground. The whole block lost power, smoke was coming out of all the was such an experience that I wrote three entries about it. The drama intensifies with each one. Ooooooo...

Entry 1
Today is Tuesday, November 12, 1985. Today is the fouryth day of school. I would like to tell you about yesterday. Yesterday I had my cousin Cheryl's jumper on that she said I can keep it. And my brother was wearing his p.j.s and my mother was wearing her p.j.s. All of a sudden the lights were blinking in my bedroom. My mom said turn off your lights. So we did. Then I was making a book, and my brother was playing with the stapler. I grabbed it out of this hand and I stapled my thumb. Before my mom could clean it, the lights were blinking even the TV and VCR. Now it was 10 minutes after 6:00 and it was really dark. So, then my mother grabbed my brother and me. Now remember, my brother was in his p.j.s and beer feet. And I had beer feet and my mother had her jeans and one red sock and one brown sock and her p.j.s top on. Then she was going to go to the landlord to tell her about it. But when we were in the hall, everyone else lights were blinking. The landlord said that the U.S. gas was on fire in the man-hole! One of the cars were on top of the man-hole. Then it blow up. There was a big bomb. All the lights were blinking on both blocks. So we went to my Grandma's to eat over until my father came to pick us up.

Entry 2
Today is Wednesday November 13, 1985. Today is the fouryfrist day of school. I would like to tell you about Monday. The reason why I want to tell you what happen again is because my teacher didn't hear it. It was about nobody had clothes on and all of the lights were blinking and when my mother was going to tell the landlord about it she found out that in the whole building all the lights were blinking. She heard the landlord yell the U.S. gas is on fire and it broak a capel. A capel is a big plug and it holds a lot of electric stuff. And if that breaks, nobody has lights then so we had to run to my Grandma's.

Entry 3
Today is Thursday November 14, 1985. I would like to tell you about Monday. It was on Monday afternoon that me and my brother was playing in our room and my mother was reading. Now, my mother and Richie were in their p.j.s exspect me. I was in my new jumper. Then my mother said Shan, you're bedroom lights are blinking so you turn your light off. Now it was 5:30 and it was dark. Then all the lights were blinking, even the TV and VCR. Then my mother was going to tell Kelly our landlord what happen. When we were in the hall all the lights were blinking. On both blocks they were! So we decided to go to my grandma's. I was crying. So was my mother and brother. So my grandma was wondering what had happen. And we said the wires on the Uninin [Ed note: Union] gas was on fire. So we stayed there untill the lights work.

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