Sunday, January 20

Sunday Picks

My biggest concern of the day isn't the outcome of the Giants/Packers game, it's missing Rock of Love 2 because of the game.

Now don't get me wrong. I love football, love the playoffs, love the Giants, and would even love it if Favre made it to the Superbowl and won the last game of his career.

BUT I like to have my cake and eat it too. I wanted to enjoy tonight's game knowing what trashy shenanigans Bret's girls got themselves into...and god bless VH1 because now I do. To my pleasant surprise, tonight's episode of RL2 aired at 11am this morning.

It's the little things in life that make me happy: peanut butter, blurple, shiny objects, and this whore-ific show. While today's episode was a little bland, I know these ladies will up their game by week four. They have to; Bret isn't take any shit this season.

In just two episodes Bret has already cut his bra-ster of 20 down to 12. Most of the twelve are Iron Women, playing both sides of the field with guts and determination. Only two, Katherine and Jessica are riding the bench thus far. If they want to stay on the team much longer, honestly they really need to start riding Bret.

She-men Inna (turns out it's pronunced 'eena') and Angelique are the cockblocking cornerbacks and cum rushers, having more than enough testosterone to aggressively play both offense and defense.

Daisy, Destiney, and Megan (the hottest girl EVER) are the standout wide-open receivers that Bret is just itching (literally) to bomb it to. While I think they have plenty of catching experience, it remains to be seen if they know how to control the balls. Regardless, their offensive skills outshine their unimpressive defensive skills thus far.

Three more women make up the O and D lines. Not much to report here, except that one of them has got some rhythm. She could possibly move to running back only because Bret would enjoy her touchdown dance. We shall see.

The remaining two players are my picks to make it to the championship. Ironically, one of them is named Peyton and the other spells her name Ambre with the annoying "re" of Favre. These two showed a lot of promise this morning and I expect them to go the distance. Peyton seems to have a strong sense of self and an instant connection with Bret. Ambre is the underdog who was almost eliminated last week, but was given a second chance because another girl quit. Both of these ladies also seem to be the most "normal" of the bunch, too.

So there ya have it. In actual football it will most likely be Packers/Patriots in Arizona, but hey, you never know. This season was full of crazy surprises...let's hope that Rock of Love is, too.

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