Wednesday, January 23

Things I've noticed while unemployed...

1. I never get tired of talking to myself.

2. I never get tired of having Living Room Dance Parties.

3. My next-door neighbors live in their bathroom. Seriously, they are always in there yelling non-English.

4. I go through a roll of toilet paper much faster.

5. I took my Microsoft Outlook calendar for granted. I haven't owned a calendar since college! I bought one the other day and today I color coded all of my appointments. Examples:
~ green = plans with friends
~ pink = Petey plans
~ purple = school stuff
~ red = find a job stuff
~ blue = important events such as the Super Boobie Bowl and my birthday

6. Each Rambo movie warms my heart in different ways.

7. I ate lunch during work hours because it was lunchTIME not because I was actually hungry. I've lost 4 pounds so far this year.

8. My doorbell rings all fucking day long. It's either wired to the wrong apartment or peeps just ring my number because I'm one of the few tenants with their name on the list.

9. The mailman comes between 2:00-3:30pm. I'm surprised it's so late.

10. No one works in Astoria, unless their job is to be Greek and eat in cafes.

11. I still hate doing dishes.

12. I still love paying for coffee.

13. While I say I hate the phone, I obviously do not. I upped my plan to 900 minutes so that I wouldn't have a huge phone bill again. Um yeah, there are still 2 weeks in this billing period and I only 150 peak minutes left. As a result, please don't call me M-F before 9pm unless one of the following is true:
~ you have Verizon
~ you'll hire me
~ you'll pay me for sex
~ you wanna give me your extra ticket to the Superbowl or Royal Rumble

14. Delilah is a wonderful friend and home.

15. I like being and writing Thighs.

16. I am a very fortunate person.

1 comment:

lou said...

not so sure about the dance parties.
and rambo does not warm the heart, although at times an m-16 and a mission would be nice.
but mail does arrive mad late. what's up wit dat???