Thursday, January 31

Why I'm manic depressive

My mother is such a bitch.

Harsh? Yep. Fuck her.

I just had a second interview for a job I'm really hoping to land. The interview was absolutely awesome. I was totally on my game, I KNOW the guy liked me. I gotta say I liked him, too.

Right now I don't even care if I got the job. All I care about is that I kicked ass on the interview. Seriously, I felt strong, confident, funny, smart, and even (get this) pretty!! It was just the ego boost I needed after three weeks of no calls.

I was so proud of myself up until about 15 minutes ago. I knew my mom was excited to hear how it went so I called her once I got home. I only stopped back at Delilah for a few minutes to change clothes and grab my stuff for school tonight. I'm so fucking pissed though that I needed to clear my head and write before I leave. I REFUSE to let her ruin my class.

What did she do?? What she's always done my whole life, take a big fat crap on my heart. She hasn't done it in a long time, probably because I'm not as sensitive as I used to be. But after today's interview I was flying so fucking high that I left myself open, open for her to be the sad, sad woman that she truly is.

What did she say?? It doesn't matter. It wasn't what I hoped she'd say that's for sure. In fact it was the complete fucking opposite. Look I know my current situation worries her and my father, but I had to do this. Yes, they have been very supportive. Yes, I appreciate their support. But Jesus effing Christ did she really have to bitch out now? today? when I actually had an interview and felt so good?

Fuck me. I haven't reverted back to 16 this fast in ages. Back then I would have ran out of the house, try to find someone to buy me alcohol, give up, and do bong hits until I passed out. Now, now I draw.

AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! Where's Rambo when I fucking need him??

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