Friday, January 18

Just draw already!

I'm still so uncomfortable about taking the drawing class and I really don't understand why. I pulled out my old sketchbooks to see if they had any clues...

I came up with two interesting thoughts:

1. I seem to draw every 7 years. Seriously. I have some hero stuff from 1994 and 2001. This year would be next in rotation. Weird, right?

2. I think I could be really good. This bothers me!! Am I really that afraid of success??


Bridget Rockstar!! said...

When I used to read tarot cards I said the same thing at every reading:

What you want the most is also what you fear the most. Nothing is more frightening than the possiblity of getting what you want.

We all experience that. Thus why so many self-sabateours. (sp?)

Heather said...

You ARE good!!! Now stop being a pussy and get out your pencil and pad!

THIGHS said...

You said "pussy", "pencil", and "pad" all in the same sentence.

Nyah ha!

Thanks Bakes.

Erma said...

Great work.