Sunday, January 6

Fuck yeah, Giants!!!!

Eli's first playoff win...I feel like the proud mother of a mentally challenged kid.

Giants better fucking kill the Cowboys next week. If the G-Men keep playing like they have the last two weeks, I think they'll have the chance. Plus, I swear to Shizza I REFUSE to have a Super Bowl party if it's Cowboys/Patriots. Absolutely fucking refuse.

Jon Gruden is still the hottest man alive though. He's so hot that I want to tear my skin off. Thank god Shockey wasn't playing...seeing the two of them during one game, oy vey. I think my crotch would have exploded.

In other news, Guitar Hero might be the funnest game of all time. Bridge and I stayed up until almost 6am last night playing. 6!!! AM!!! No drugs!!! It is seriously a blast to both play and to watch. I highly recommend checking it out, even if you're not a gamer.

Me, I can't handle the pressure of video games. I used to hysterically cry over Super Mario Brothers and have been known to gnaw a controller or two out of frustration. Issues much?

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